Global Weld Management (GWM)

universe of welding

Access Your Data Anywhere & Anytime

Compliance with Welding Codes for PQR, WPS, Welder/Operator

Networking around the globe

Subject Matter Expert Network

  • Enjoy access to your data anywhere & anytime
  • Select an available language and we translate it on your "click"
  • Teamwork with Site Users and External Experts
  • Multi Site Application through Central Administration
  • Network with your team around the world
  • Invite Experts to update your libraries
  • Provide customer with access for reviews / approvals
  • Engage Third Party Agencies for approvals

Empower your Team

Experts in Engineering, Welding, Quality Management, Sales, Procurement, or Supply Chain Management enjoy the opportunities to work together in just one plattform.

No switching around between sofware applications and excel files.

No ambiguity concerning approvals and qualifications.

  • Language Preference Selection
  • No need to switch between sofware applications or excel files
  • No ambiguity concerns for approvals / qualifications
  • For now we support ISO and AWS Codes
  • We offer implementations of any Welding Code in just a few weeks
People working together

Online Application

  1. Access from any Location with Internet
  2. Language Preference Selection
  3. ISO and AWS Codes
  4. Pay for the number of welders and not the codes
  5. Connect your sites wt=ith Central Administration

Unlimited Code Applications

  1. Our Framework enables the implementation of any welding code quickly
  2. No upcharges for different welding codes
  3. Online support
  4. Manage your library content
  5. Take advantage of prefilled data

Network internally with

  1. Welding Experts (Supervisory, Welders, Operators, others)
  2. Engineering Experts
  3. Manufacturing Operations
  4. Quality Department
  5. Sales
  6. Purchasing
  7. Project Management

Global means to engage with evey professional within your company in one platform

Global means to

Network externally with

  1. Other Corporate Manufacturing Facilities
  2. Third Party Agencies
  3. Customers
  4. Base Material Suppliers
  5. Filler Material Suppliers
  6. Purchasing
  7. Project Management


  • Site Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Testing Management
  • Smart Search
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  • No Access Limitations
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Contact Management
  • Business Development
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  • Define Settings for any Specification
  • Consistency via Revision Control
  • Contractor Relations
  • Worry Free Back-up System
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  • Engineering and Design
  • Language Selection
  • Approval Bodies
  • Library Updates
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ECE’s strategies and tools support and assist organizations to market and commission their products nationally and internationally, while saving overall implementation and validation/certification costs. Our business portfolio and strategies apply to design, fabrication/manufacturing, construction surveillance and maintenance, including inspection & approvals and certification.
The foundation for this multinational opportunity is based on our knowledge of and experience with North American and international codes and requirements. Cost savings and process improvements can be realized due to highly effective competence structures with a realistic and competitive cost framework